New Farm Clinic
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Pre Admission

To attend any of the services offered at New Farm Clinic, it is necessary to be under the care of a Psychiatrist credentialed with the Clinic. To arrange this you will need a referral from your GP or Psychiatrist, if you have one. This referral can be faxed directly to the Intake Co-coordinator on fax (07) 3254 9106.

Our Staff are experienced mental health clinicians and are available to discuss your particular needs and advise you of the treatment options available. They can be contacted on telephone (07) 3254 9100, seven days a week.

It is necessary for the Intake Co-coordinator to speak to you before admissions are booked to ensure that appropriate admission arrangements are made. They will also advise you of any health fund restrictions or out of pocket expenses associated with the services offered by New Farm Clinic.

Please note that you will receive a pharmacy account for pharmacy items that you may require during your stay that are non-admission related medications to your psychiatric admission (eg. medications that were being taken prior to the current admission) as they are not covered by Private Health Insurance.

Aside from the pharmacy account you may receive additional accounts from your Doctor or Pathology services, which may be claimable from Medicare or your Private Health Insurance fund. If you do not have health insurance the Intake Co-coordinator will be able to advise you of the estimated costs.

New Farm Clinic provides a high standard of accommodation, clinical needs will determine the accommodation you are allocated.

You will feel most comfortable wearing casual clothing around the Clinic during the day and will also require appropriate night attire, toiletries and other personal items.

New Farm Clinic does not accept liability for lost, stolen or damaged property. A small personal safe is provided for your use located in your room if you wish to keep small amounts of money.

Please clearly label your belongings. Your room is provided with free TV and free WiFi is provided throughout the Clinic.

Once you have been given a date for Admission to the Clinic you may find it convenient to print the Admission Checklist with suggested items to bring.

Revised 30 November 2020

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