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About New Farm Clinic

New Farm Clinic is a specialist Mental Health facility fully accredited by International Standards Certifications for compliance to ISO 9001:2008, the Core Standards for Safety and Quality in Healthcare (CSSQHC) and the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.

It is located 3km from the CBD in the Brisbane suburb of New Farm. New Farm Clinic is recognised as a leader in the provision of private mental health care in Australia and is affiliated with the University of Queensland and provides placements for Psychiatric Registrars, Medical, Nursing and Psychology students from across Brisbane.

New Farm Clinic offers a comprehensive range of services and facilities including a range of inpatient and day patient programs that specialise in the treatment of mood disorders, borderline personality disorders eating disorders, psycho-geriatrics and general acute psychiatry. Our staff are dedicated to providing patients with the best possible care and service in all areas, from pre-admission to discharge and in the community.

The hospital is owned by Ramsay Health Care, an Australian-owned company, which was established in Sydney, Australia in 1964 and has grown to become a global hospital group operating hospitals and day surgery facilities across Australia and around the World. The company is recognised for providing excellence in health care and is a leader in the private psychiatric sector.

Ramsay Health Care is well-respected in the health care industry for operating quality private hospitals and for its excellent record in hospital management and patient care. It is this exceptional reputation that attracts leading health care practitioners to work in Ramsay facilities. Ramsay Health Care is extremely proud of the high quality of our staff, our excellent relationships with doctors and our commitment to improvement in all areas and our vision for the future.

New Farm Clinic offers a comprehensive range of services and facilities. The Clinic is comprised of three inpatient units, a Day Centre, an Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Suite, Community Outreach Service and Consulting Suites to ensure a continuum of care is provided for our patients.

  • The inpatient units provide care for private patients with an acute mental health condition. New Farm Clinic provides a specialised and comprehensive assessment and treatment programs for the broad spectrum of Psychiatric Disorders incorporating acute, chronic, primary and secondary disorders.

    The Mood Disorders Program is the Clinic's largest service and provides treatment for the full range of mood disorders including patients suffering, but not limited to, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Depressive and Anxiety Disorders, Mania, Personality Disorders, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    The Elderly Assessment program provides treatment to elderly patients suffering from a variety of psychiatric illnesses including Anxiety and Depressive Disorders as well as organic conditions. The Program offers a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of psychiatric disorders in the elderly to determine short term interventions and treatments.

    At New Farm Clinic, we have been successfully treating eating disorders and the underlying psychological factors for over 20 years. We offer a safe, empathetic environment in which sufferers of eating disorders can gradually regain control of their life through medical, social and psychological support. New Farm Clinic is the only private facility in Queensland that offers a dedicated Eating Disorders Program.

  • The Day Centre provides group therapy to support patients following discharge and patients not requiring hospital admission. Group therapy has been found to be an effective treatment for a wide range of conditions including depression, anxiety, bipolar, trauma, eating difficulties, and personality disorders. New Farm Clinic offers a number of Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy based programs with both day and evening sessions available.

  • New Farm Clinic operates an Electroconvulsive Therapy Service in a modern ECT Suite. The Clinic received a commendation from Queensland Health for the introduction and implementation of its extensive ECT Information Package.

  • New Farm Clinic offers the largest private community mental health service in Queensland which provides Community Outreach Services ('Hospital in the Home') for Patients in their own home. The Community Outreach Service's primary goals are to facilitate recovery minimising the effects of illness and reduce the length and frequency of hospital based admissions. Case Managers support the Patient, family members and carers to manage and improve overall quality of life of the Patient.

  • Established within the grounds are professional Consulting Suites which accommodate eighteen specialist Psychiatrists.

  • There are currently over 50 credentialed Psychiatrists with admitting privileges to New Farm Clinic.

Our staff are dedicated to providing patients with the best possible care and service in all areas along the patient journey, from pre-admission to discharge. To attend any of the programs offered at New Farm Clinic, it is necessary to be under the care of a psychiatrist with admitting privileges to the hospital.

The contact telephone number for our Intake Co-coordinator is (07) 3254 9512 and fax is (07) 3254 9601.

Revised 9th March 2021

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