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Darius Boyd meets patients to share experiences in a lead up to mental health week - 10 October 2016

Sep 14, 2016

Ramsay Health Care has announced that as part of their commitment to Mental Health Week, that Darius Boyd will be visiting NEW FARM CLINIC on the 4 OCTOBER 2016, 9am to 11am to promote mental health awareness.

Darius sought treatment for depression in a Ramsay mental health clinic some years ago and has openly shared his experience through the media and at public lectures, since that time, in order to encourage other people to seek treatment when required.

He has also recently been appointed a mental health ambassador with the NRL.

“I hope to inspire people suffering from mental illness not to be afraid to speak out and seek help from the right health professionals,” Darius said. “When it comes to physical injuries – a broken leg or arm - we wouldn’t think of trying to fix it ourselves but with mental illness we suffer in silence”.

“Admitting myself to a Clinic made me realise that there are effective treatments, health professionals and services for mental health illnesses, and by seeking this support I was able to recover quickly.”

Nearly half of the Australian population will experience some form of mental illness in their lifetime, contributing to a high rate of suicide.

As an ambassador for Ramsay Health Care for the past year, Darius has given his time freely to community seminars and articles on mental health which has been well received. Ramsay is delighted to have Darius visit our clinics and share his experiences with patients.