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Day Programs - Anxiety Disorders, Brisbane

Our Day Program services schedule is changing.

From the 15th of September New Farm Clinic will be expanding our day program services schedule to include more group options, available on more days and session times.

Our new and improved Day Program service schedule will be updated soon - please be patient with us while our dedicated Allied Health Team make the necessary changes to our website and brochures.

Until then if you have any questions regarding referral to our Day Program services please contact our Day Patient Program Coordinator on Ph (07) 3254 9100.

Take control of your life again with anxiety counselling

Anxiety disorders can have a serious effect on a person’s day to day life. While many people confuse anxiety with stress, they are not one and the same. Studies have shown that approximately 14% of Australians experience an anxiety disorder in any 12 month period, and almost 6% will experience a generalised anxiety disorder in their lifetime.

With the effective anxiety treatment services of Brisbane’s New Farm Clinic, you can learn to manage your anxiety disorder. Symptoms of most anxiety disorders include:

  • Physical symptoms as a result of stress hormones and other body chemicals i.e. racing heartbeat, dry mouth, rapid breathing, dizziness, nausea and light headedness.
  • Avoidance or withdrawal from certain situations that make you fearful, even though they are not necessarily dangerous e.g. public speaking, social engagements, crowded shopping centres, air travel and eventually even going to work or leaving the house.
  • Overestimation of the real danger of situations, either how bad the consequences or how likely they would be to occur.

Brisbane anxiety treatment services putting the patients first

New Farm Clinic offers treatment day programs for anxiety disorders. Patient care, comfort and wellbeing, are of primary importance, so you can get the most out of the program.

Our team of qualified and experienced staff specialise in the development and provision of mental health services, and are dedicated to helping you on your journey of recovery.

So for effective anxiety treatment programs in Brisbane, contact New Farm Clinic today on (07) 3254 9100 or free call 1800 172 041 or fill in the contact form.