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Day Programs - Depression Management, Brisbane

Our Day Program services schedule is changing.

From the 15th of September New Farm Clinic will be expanding our day program services schedule to include more group options, available on more days and session times.

Our new and improved Day Program service schedule will be updated soon - please be patient with us while our dedicated Allied Health Team make the necessary changes to our website and brochures.

Until then if you have any questions regarding referral to our Day Program services please contact our Day Patient Program Coordinator on Ph (07) 3254 9100.

Learn to manage depression with dedicated care services

Across Australia, one in five women and one in eight men live with some form of depression. Even though it is a common illness, people often do not seek help straight away. New Farm Clinic offers treatment for both inpatient and day programs to help those suffering with depression. There are 5 main types of depression:

  • Major depression is a depressed mood that lasts for at least two weeks
  • Psychotic depression is a depressed mood that involves seeing or hearing things that are not there (hallucinations), feeling everyone is against you (paranoia) and having delusions
  • Dysthymia is a less severe depressed mood that lasts for several years
  • Bipolar disorder (or manic depressive illness) involves periods of feeling low (depressed) and high (manic)
  • Mixed depression and anxiety is a combination of symptoms of depression and anxiety

Professional help for depression sufferers across Brisbane

Our team of health care professionals provide treatment day programs that are designed to meet your individual needs.

So take the first step to regaining joy in your life. See your GP or phone New Farm Clinic for more information on our group therapy support programs. Call (07) 3254 9100 / 1800 172 041 (free call) or fill out your details on the contact form.