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Body Oriented Therapy
Group Program


The Body Oriented Therapy

New Farm Clinic has introduced a new group program - Body Oriented Therapy.

This program is suitable for people who have experienced trauma and have difficulty in stabilising their mood and emotions. However, the group is not a trauma process group and attendees do not discuss their traumatic experience with other members during the group.

Body Oriented Therapy is an evidence-based therapy program which focuses on trauma psycho-education, mindfulness and the development of somatic/sensory resources for regulating arousal systems.

This program is an integrative treatment approach that utilises techniques from other therapies such as cognitive behaviour therapy, attachment and neuroscience.

Many people suffering with their mental health are not aware that they do not have to struggle the way they do and are unaware that there are skills that can increase their quality of life.

By attending a group therapy program sufferers can meet other individuals with similar struggles which can serve to reduce shame and stigma by normalising difficulties. Attendees can feel empowered by learning about their difficulties as well as learning skills and strategies to better manage stress.

Group therapy also has the added benefit of social connection and support from other group members

Body Oriented Therapy requires a referral from a New Farm Clinic psychiatrist and an assessment with the group facilitator.

A minimum 12-week commitment is required and members are encouraged to participate until they feel ready to graduate.

Patients require private health insurance to access New Farm Clinic services. Patients can find out their level of coverage by contacting their private health insurer or contacting New Farm Clinic for a free eligibility check.

Patients can also take advantage of the Waiting Period Exemption for Higher Benefits to upgrade their cover. If not insured, the wait time to utilise mental health services once obtaining private health insurance is usually 2 months.

New Farm Clinic prides itself on having a diverse range of experienced Allied Health staff to provide patients with quality group therapy programs. New Farm Clinic psychologists engage in regular professional development and supervision to maintain professional therapeutic knowledge. The Body Oriented Therapy Group is facilitated by qualified, experienced and caring psychologists.

Once a GP sends a patient referral to New Farm Clinic for the program, the referral is then sent to a psychiatrist who organises an appointment with the patient.

The New Farm Clinic psychiatrist will then refer the patient to the appropriate group program.

The referral is then sent to the group facilitator who will contact the patient to arrange an assessment appointment before beginning the program.

New Farm Clinic understands that patients can be eager to start programs, so the team work hard to make this process as quick and smooth for patients as possible.

Body Oriented Therapy Brochure

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